Welcome to the digital home of the Queenstown Education Foundation.

Our foundation was established and registered as a Non Profit Company in 2013 and since then has been directing and facilitating ground-breaking collaborative efforts among a network of diverse schools of excellence situated in Komani, one of South Africa’s most rural towns, formerly known as Queenstown.

With your interest and support, we can further reduce poverty through extra-curricula educational programmes and bursaries.

We strive to enable all the learners who attend 11 schools affiliated to our network, to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Especially those who show leadership potential. We achieve this by a multi-pronged approach.

Our town lies in the heartland of the Eastern Cape, a beautiful but severely economically-strained province where well over 90% of the population speak isiXhosa as their home language and where access to quality education is rare and out-of-reach for most.

A growing number of talented children whose families live in our town and district, need financial support to attend our affiliated schools which are increasingly financially stretched, especially since the Covid-19 lockdown.

Our affiliated schools include diverse primary and high schools, public and private, English and Afrikaans medium, whose offering appeals to families who value quality education.

Families from other provinces and, even, those from across our country’s borders are also attracted by our affiliated schools’ well-run boarding facilities.

We build and manage a highly innovative and cost-efficient multi-school overarching digital network. We also run fundraising campaigns and convene a space exploration club. Furthermore, we facilitate a Community of Practice for Maths teachers and even run a systemic learner and teacher well-being intervention. Throughout the year we also host various series of school leadership dialogues.

It’s good to have you join our journey!

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To transform Queenstown into a universally recognised centre of educational innovation.

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