In 2010 some Alumni of Queen’s College, Queenstown one of the oldest schools in South Africa discussed the sustainability of the school and came to the conclusion that this would not just happen but that a carefully crafted long term strategy was needed to make this happen.

This happened against a backdrop of a virtually totally dysfunctional Eastern Cape Education Department and a general crisis in education in the country.

In addition to this the available resources to run the schools was becoming an increasingly challenging problem.

A small strategy committee was formed and it was resolved to create a foundation which initially was named the Queen’s College Foundation but which would strive to persuade other like-minded schools in the town to join this initiative as it was clear to the committee that one school on its own would find it difficult going..

After the first Annual General Meeting of the QC Foundation the other schools were invited to attend to be given a briefing on the vision and plans for Queenstown as a centre of educational excellence.

The feedback given was crystal clear: The idea was excellent but the name of the Foundation was a problem.

The Board of the Foundation agreed with this contention and it was an easy decision to change the name to the Queenstown education Foundation.

At the moment there are 6 member schools and others wanting to join.

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