QEF’s Programmes

The operational expenses of running our basic programmes are funded by our members. With further donor gifts, we can strengthen each programme and accelerate the speed of realising our collective vision and giving more men and women the chance of a lifetime to receive quality education.

Besides collaborative fundraising amongst alumna of all member schools, our other programmes include a highly innovative and cost-efficient multi-school overarching digital network, a space exploration club, a Community of Practice for Maths teachers and a systemic learner and teacher well-being intervention. We also host various series of school leadership dialogues.

We hope the detail below brings you into our picture and gives you some ideas of how you might like to get involved:

 Bursaries for QEF-Affiliated schools*

QEF assists any individual or organisation wishing to award a bursary (bursaries) to deserving learners attending our member schools. We do so by liaison with our member schools, adjudicating the application forms submitted, cheering on a donor’s fundraising community and offering a tax rebate to American donors.

(Button) South African Donation for Bursaries

(Button) American Donation to QEF’s Member Schools

Overarching Digital Network (ODN)*

An innovative, robust and growing school internet network that ensures data transfer and protection at the highest possible speed, with maximum cost efficiencies. It is managed by IT Network managers who also upskill each schools’ IT technicians. Its committee reflects all subscribing schools.

Your donation can accelerate and enhance our infrastructure development costs so that we can increase our bandwidth and expand its reach to more schools in our district.

(Button) South African Donation to Overarching Digital Network

(Button) Americans Donation to Overarching Digital Network

 Space Exploration Club*

A club for Senior Phase students, inspiring them to pursue engineering careers. It is It is led by a multi-school group of highly motivated innovation teachers who volunteer to collaborate and guide Club members by integrating the instruction received by QEF’s space exploration partners. The Club also draw on resources available from QEF’s collaborative fundraising efforts.

Available to our member schools only.

Your donation can equip this Club with robotics equipment, subscription to an international project that conducts experiments on the International Space Station, as well a fascinating field trip to visit the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), the largest telescope in the southern hemisphere.

 (Button) South African Donation to Space Exploration Club

(Button) American Donation to Space Exploration Club

Community of Practice for Maths teachers*

QEF facilitates meetings for a QEF Maths Common Assessment Task Team. This is a multi-school Community of Practice (CoP) drawing from primary and high schools with Maths teachers who collaborate to set an annual QEF Gr 7 Common Assessment Paper. In the long term, we aim to empower all QEF schools’ 2026’s matric classes to achieve a 100% pass rate in Maths.

*Available to our member schools, with special guests from affiliated schools.

Your donation can assist our participating schools to subscribe to Maths programmes available from the Govin Mbeki Developmental Maths Centre of the Nelson Mandela Bay University.

(Button) South African Donation to Maths CoP

(Button) American Donation to Maths CoP

Systemic Learner and Well-being Intervention Anti-bullying *

A QEF-designed programme to reduce Gender Based Violence (GBV) and online bullying through world-class specialist training of our various schools’ crisis teams (Counsellors, student reps and school management) as well as empowering the town’s statutory services. Social media influencers will ensure its powerful messages reach more youth in our district.

*An optional extra for any QEF-affiliated school.

Your donation can assist to lower the cost to each school for opting into this pay-to-participate programme.

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Building social cohesion among school leaders

QEF hosts various dialogue series, inviting educational leaders to participate. Depending on the series and its intended purpose and outcome, we invite Principals, the Executive of School Governing Bodies, inspired learners and even district managers from the Eastern cape Department of Education to engage in constructive dialogue that increase confidence and pleasure in growing cultures of inclusivity.

We are grateful to venue hosts for volunteering to offer meeting platforms and catering.

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