Key QEF Projects

Create Cutting Edge Classrooms

The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. They will be the leaders of the future. It is our responsibility to educate them for that future. It will be a future which is much more embedded in technology than we can even imagine now. In addition there is an almost infinite amount of educational resource currently in the cloud and relevant to the SA curriculum. It is our intention to make accessing this resource as easy as possible for teachers and learners by equipping all the schools with the technology and the skills to do so.


Make Maths Work

The primary objective of this project is to transform Queenstown into a centre renowned for the excellence of teaching and learning Maths.

There are two central themes in this project:

      1. To ensure that the mathematics foundation is very strong and well-established at primary school level. To this end it is the intention to launch an Olympiad Style initiative aimed at Primary Schools as soon as possible
      2. To provide tutoring to the top mathematics students in the town to ensure that they feature strongly amongst the top marks in the country and in so doing transform maths into a compellingly exciting subject to succeed at

Inspire Top Teachers

Great education is not just a function of enthusiastic learners and super technology. It takes great dedicated teachers. The Queenstown Education Foundation wishes to attract the best teachers to want to teach in Queenstown. This is a comprehensive and critical project, but will be work-in-progress of a long time. Our best advertisement will be the teachers currently in the system. The programme will be diverse and extensive and aims to make teachers realise their real worth in a nurturing and motivating environment.


Finding the Synergies

One of the most exciting elements of the whole initiative of the Foundation is to find ways for the schools to work together and to share facilities and resources in order to make maximum use of the funds available for education in Queenstown. This is a challenging and long term project and one which already to beginning to deliver benefits


Fund Top Talent to Succeed

Queenstown and its communities are poor and exist in one of the poorest parts of South Africa. There are many talented kids in this community. We wish to provide as many of these with the opportunity to experience the best possible education they can within their own community. This will be achieved by the creation and building of a sustainable endowment fund managed by the QC Trust which has been in existence for over 60 years and provides a well-managed and properly governed Trust Fund.


Sustainable Funding Mechanisms

None of these projects are possible without adequate funding so a key project is to raise funds to give effect to the vision and objectives of the Foundation.

To this end there are already a number of fund-raising projects on the go and as this is a key area of focus a high-powered Fundraising team has been assembled to give effect to the objectives of the Foundation

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