Overarching Digital Network (ODN)

An innovative, robust and growing collaborative multi-school internet network that ensures data transfer and protection at the highest possible speed, with maximum cost efficiencies. It is managed by IT Network managers who also upskill each schools’ IT technicians. Its committee reflects all subscribing schools.

We have a wish list. Look below to see if you can help speed up our process.

QEF’s IT Managers Johan Bester and Stephan Coetzer

Your donation can accelerate and enhance our infrastructure development costs so that we can increase our bandwidth and expand its reach to more schools in our South African Eastern Cape rural district.


  • OA Network Upgrade
    • 1 x 16 port SFP+ Mikrotik Fibre switch
    • 5 x 10Gbps PCIe Network cards
    • 5 x SFP to Ethernet converters
    • 1 x 4 port SFP+ HP Server Network card
    • 10 x SFP+ Single-mode SFP connectors
    • 10 x SFP+ Multi-mode SFP connectors
    • 1 x Fibre Fault Finding Testing Unit
    • 1 x 48u Server Cabinet
    • 4 x 32” TV screens
    • 2 x 4 Display output Graphics Cards
  • Storage Requirements
    • 4 x 8TB Ironwolf HDD
    • 5 x 10TB External HDD
    • 5 x 4TB External HDD
  • All QEFIT schools’ Network Backbone upgrade
    • 10 x CAT6e Network Patch panels
    • 20 x Network Brush panels
    • 1 x 500m Blue CAT6 cable
    • 1 x 500m Red CAT6 cable
    • 1 x 500m Yellow CAT6 cable
    • 1 x 500m Green CAT6 cable
    • 1 x 500m Black CAT6 cable
    • 1400 x EZ CAT6 RJ45 crimps
    • 800 x RJ45 Blue Boots
    • 400 x RJ45 Red Boots
    • 400 x RJ45 Yellow Boots
    • 400 x RJ45 Green Boots
    • 400 x RJ45 Black Boots
    • 2 x EZ Crimp tool for CAT6 EZ RJ45 Crimps
    • 3 x 4-core Single mode Fibre rolls
    • 6 x 24 port POE Mikrotik Network switches

If you can donate any of the above hardware, please be in touch soonest. Good quality 2nd hand equipment. Our partner in the USA can help organise shipment.
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