Join us in making educational history

Your donation, however big or small, can empower a highly innovative and exciting multi-faceted programme run by the Queenstown Education Foundation (QEF) in South Africa.

We have a close-knit group of inspired School Principals and Governors who are leading a collaboration process among public and donor-based private schools. Your financial help can ensure that we all forge ahead TOGETHER, aided by cutting-edge technology

QEF’s pledge is to help secure resources for their group of diverse African rural public and donor-based private schools. These schools’ destiny is carved, not grabbed, it is worked for, not snatched. It is earned, not handed out. It is secured, not threatened. They are part of Africa’s solution.

QEF’s programme helps the schools prepare youth from under-resourced learning communities in the impoverished town of Komani (formerly known as Queenstown) in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Most of us take education and technology for granted. It opens doors and enables prosperity for individuals and families. Perhaps you have first-hand experience of a different reality? Maybe you want to assist youth in our affiliated schools to overcome their challenges, and thrive?!

QEF has the answer.

We are united in a vision, and super excited.

QEF’s programme ensures that our affiliated schools grow from strength to strength, and shine as a pocket of excellence.

There are many ways to support this programme:

QEF Overarching Digital NetworkSee our published Wish List of requirements. Cash or hardware donations will gladly be accepted.
QEF STEAM ClubOne robotics kit costs R4 600 (US$299)

You can also support one of our specific affiliated schools to maintain its academic, sporting and cultural facilities:

QEF – Queen’s College Boys’ Primary School
QEF – Queen’s College Boys’ High School
QEF – Queenstown Girls’ High School
QEF – Balmoral Girls’ Primary School
QEF – Get Ahead Project
QEF – Southbourne Primary School
QEF – Laerskool Hangklip Primary School
QEF – Stepping Stone Primary School