New 4iR Classroom launched by one of our ODN subscribers

This morning we attended Get Ahead College‘s launch of its #4iR Classroom and felt the buzz of excitement as the ribbon was cut, making way for the reveal of its innovative hardware. GAP is a subscriber of QEF’s Overarching Digital Network (ODN) and we are thrilled to see how GAP is pushing the boundaries in high school education within our town, Komani.

According to the World Economic Forum, Technological Intelligence is one of the building blocks of the new “smart” leadership, spurred on by the chaos created by global Covid19 lockdowns. Read more here: World Economic Forum Releases Framework to Help Investors Address Six Global Risks

QEF promotes that we count on our educational leaders to embrace technology, to generate solutions and drive the kind of transformation that offers magnificent opportunities to school learners studying in Komani.

Congratulations to Executive Director Vicki Du Preez and Principal Pieter Steyn on your new space, and to all those who collaborated to make it happen: Get Ahead Board member, pilot and Founder of Sakhikamva Foundation Fatima Jakoet and sponsor SoftwareAG.